EU Breakfast Directives

EU Breakfast Directives Shake-Up: How food producers can reduce sugar in their products

Updated EU regulations for breakfast staples like honey, fruit juice, jams, and marmalades could be a challenge for food producers in the breakfast category.

A recent EU press release clarifies things further; “the new rules will combat adulterated honey imports from non-EU countries through obligatory and clearly visible country of origin labelling, and will launch a process to create a honey traceability system. There will also be clearer labelling on sugar content in fruit juices as well as for minimum fruit content in jams and marmalades.”

In short, the EU breakfast directives changes include:

  • Country of origin of honey must be clearly visible on the label
  • EU traceability system for honey needed
  • Clearer labelling on sugar content in fruit juices
  • New rules also for fruit in jams and marmalades

Fortunately, there is time to reformulate products, the new regulations are still to be adopted by Parliament and Council. In addition, EU countries will have to apply the new rules within two years after entry into force.

At NCC Food Ingredients we can assist in navigating this changing landscape. We offer a wide range of natural honey alternatives and sugar replacement options that can help you not only comply with the new regulations but also create delicious and healthy breakfast products that will win over consumers.

Shining a light on breakfast sugar content: Sweeten success with Inulin, 2nd generation Stevia, among others

One key aspect of the new regulations is the focus on sugar content. We offer a comprehensive selection of sugar replacement options, including inulin syrup which can be easily used as an alternative to honey or sugar based syrups, 2nd generation stevia, a natural, plant-based sweetener as well as Monk Fruit Extract, Erythritol, Oligofructose, Isomalt, Saccharin, Xylitol, Lactitol, Maltitol, Aspartame, Agave Syrup and Sucralose.

Honey: Origin matters – Natural honey substitutes

The new regulations also mandate clear labelling of honey’s country of origin. While honey offers natural sweetness and potential health benefits, sourcing high-quality honey at competitive prices can be challenging. We offer a variety of natural honey alternatives that deliver the sweetness and functionality of honey but without the associated origin labelling requirements. These alternatives are perfect for diversifying your product offerings or catering to specific consumer preferences.

Jams and marmalades: Minimum fruit content takes centre stage

When it comes to jams and marmalades, the EU breakfast directives food labelling rules will mean that at least 450 grams of fruit must be used to produce 1 kilo of jam and marmalades. Presently, some jams and marmalades can contain low fruit amounts. NCC Food Ingredients can assist you in reformulating your jams to meet the new standards. Our portfolio includes high-quality fruit concentrates and inclusions that allow you to create delicious and compliant jams and marmalades packed with real fruit flavour. We can also assist in reducing the sugar content in jams and marmalades.

Navigating the new landscape with NCC Food Ingredients

At NCC Food Ingredients we are here to help food producers navigate the evolving food industry regulations. With our expertise and comprehensive product portfolio of sugar replacement options, fruit concentrates as well as flavours, we can ensure that your breakfast products are not only compliant with new EU regulations but also provide health benefits that are sought by consumers.

Require assistance with developing a new product or reformulating an existing range?

If you are looking to develop a new product or reformulate an existing range, then we can assist. We have the experience and expertise when it comes to reformulation as well as developing new products.

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