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Food safety is an essential part of what we do here at NCC Food Ingredients. A key element to this is extending the shelf life of a product, this means not only ensuring that the product lasts longer but also that it’s appearance and taste profile are not affected. Products like Lactic Acid, Lactates and Rosemary Extract are just some of the exciting and innovative solutions we provide.
NCC provides a full range of processing ingredients for fish, seafood, meat and poultry, including shelf life extension. Other solutions include; salt replacement, fibre enrichment as well as fat replacement.
Consumer demand for healthier products has lead NCC into a growing range of clean label options for sodium, phosphate and sulphite reduction across the meat and seafood sectors. A major challenge in the fishing industry is ensuring that freshly caught prawns and white fish retain their full market value.
Our seafood processing ingredients include fish whiteners, seafood preservatives, sulphite free and sulphite reduced prawn solutions, as well as cephalopod stabilisers and whiteners. We have a wealth of industry know how when it comes to seafood and meat processing. View our portfolio of solutions below to see our range.


Keep your catch fresh, tasty and appealing without the use of sodium metabisulphite. No more allergy challenges and keep your catch fresher for longer. Download our Fresher Prawns, Shrimp & Crustaceans Sheet to find out more.

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Our close relationships with our suppliers enables us to provide custom seafood and meat solutions that matches exactly the requirements of our customers. Want to know how NCC Food Ingredients can assist your company? Fill out the form below.

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