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Fibre Enrichment

Heath and wellness when it comes to eating is no longer a reactive phenomena but very much a proactive initiative for both consumer and producer alike.
Healthy eating and in particular sports-related nutrition have developed into significant industries in their own right. One such area is gut management and the use of prebiotics to enhance ones diet and lifestyle.
NCC works closely with Sensus from the Netherlands who have developed a deep understanding of the benefits of natural chicory root derivatives and their impact on a healthy lifestyle. Their chicory root is verified by ISO/TS 19657:2017 regulation. This means that they can now officially state that their product is natural. This is a major feat as it is the first dietary fibre that can be referred to as such.
Sensus is one of the many major food ingredient innovators that NCC collaborates with when it comes to fibre enrichment, we also offer soluble and insoluble fibres derived from; cellulous, sugar cane, bamboo, pea, rice, barley and citrus, among others.
Bakeries, sports drink manufacturers and confectionery companies are just some of the clients NCC has helped to achieve ambitious health claims but also satisfying and tasty products.

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Download the Sensus brochure: All about inulin

Inulin is a natural soluble dietary fibre that comes from the roots of the chicory plant, it is the ideal food ingredient for increasing the fibre content of a product. Download the brochure to learn more

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