Protein fortification trend to continue

Protein fortification trend to continue

Growth in protein fortification of food products looks set to continue according to a report entitled “Protein Ingredients – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics” available via Research And Markets. The report states that the global market for protein ingredients is set to grow (CAGR) by 6.6% from 2020 to 2027. Though this report includes protein fortification in food products it also includes protein in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and animal feed. Regardless, the majority of the growth is in the food sector, meaning that customers are projected to continue seeking food products that contains protein. Traditionally protein fortification has come from whey protein, however with the increase in flexitarian and vegan lifestyles plant-based proteins such as pea protein, soya protein and more recently corn protein are very much being sought out.

Pea and soya proteins are predicted to increase in use

Consumers perceive protein as providing a range of benefits, from general wellness to weight management as well as increases in energy levels. The press release of the report highlights that the use of pea protein is set to increase in use; “Pea protein is cherished for its benefits such as hypoallergenic, easy digestibility, easily dispensability in water, low carbohydrate content and rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).” Pea protein is particularly useful as both lactose intolerant and soya allergic consumers are able to easily consume it without any adverse effects. That said the report also does point out that soya protein will grow: “Soy proteins will also rise in prominence supported by their widespread availability and favourable clinical research validating its health and nutritional advantages will also generate revenue opportunities in the market.”  

Driven by innovation                                                                                           

We believe that aside from the trend of consumers seeking products that help them achieve a healthier lifestyle the major driver of this is innovation. Consumers are seeking products that not only taste great but provide benefits. This is particular visible in the snacking segments. Brands that develop food products that taste great, are low in fat, have a short and natural ingredients list as well as containing high levels of protein should do well in the marketplace. That said food producers should consider that the type of protein being used is now under closer scrutiny by consumers than before.

Require assistance with developing a new product or reformulating an existing range?

If you are looking to increase or change the type of protein used in a current food product or develop a new product that contains high level of protein, then we can assist. Here at NCC we have the experience and expertise when it comes to reformulation as well as developing new products. Whatever your food production challenge is we have a solution that will rise to the occasion.

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