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Quality & Compliance

We’re committed to meeting
the highest food global standards.


At NCC Food Ingredients we are committed to providing our customers with a consistently safe, open and transparent product offering that meets the highest quality global standards.


Our Quality & Compliance Team ensures that at every stage the highest standards of quality and compliance are achieved when it comes to food ingredients.
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    We are certified

    We are certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and are committed to Responsible Care®.

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    Independently assessed

    Our Responsible Care® programme is assessed every three years by an independent assessor using the assessment tool SQAS ESAD.

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    Registered & awarded

    In addition, NCC is a registered FBO (Feed Business Operator), a member of Repak and a regular recipient of industry awards including Deloitte Best Managed Companies.


At NCC Food Ingredients we take quality seriously, our Quality & Compliance Team consistently monitors our suppliers. They ensure that at every stage that there is complete transparency ensuring that all quality standards have been met. Want to know more about our Quality & Compliance? Contact NCC Food Ingredients